WHY TrueJoy; What’s ALL the HYPE



I can say I attending one the credit workshop of Yonna Banks and my problem I have too much credit while getting more credit card debit.  Once I started paying more than the minimum, I qualified for more increases on credit card and credit scores begin to rise my credit scores was no longer at a stand still point.  Based on "Yonna's" advice IT WORKED. Now all I have to do is remember I only have a certain limit to spend on my credit cards.

— MZKenyaDiva.





“I am please with unlimited amount professionalism”

First, I would like to say THANK YOU for your great service, ongoing communication and professionalism provied with TrueJoy. I was enrolled in the program for about 6months, I started seeing negative items drop off my credit report and my scores increase.  My scores went from low 600's to mid 700's I now know and understand how to manage my credit along with controll my spending habits.  I am VERY pleased with my results and services therefore I will continue to recommend TrueJoy services to family, friends & co-workers.  Thanks TrueJoy

— V.B.


WOW! Yonna you keep it REAL all around the board, no sugar coating here. I've Xperience travel and rebuilding credit with your expertise it has been nothing short of AMAZING!!

— Mr.Hill


“Amazing Experience.”

TrueJoy Travel creates an awesome vacation experience, from start to finish. They are current in all the events all over the world. The hotel stays are amazing as well as the flights. They do all the work for you. I love to just pack my bags and let TrueJoy Travel to do the rest. Can't wait to book again. Thank you, Yonna Banks of TrueJoy Travel for the ultimate experience.

— T.W.


Truejoy Travel is phenomenal! I am very particular when it comes to spending my money, but the consistent, caring, customer service I receive at Truejoy Travel has made me a loyal client. I know at Truejoy I will get the most for my money. 

— P.S.


“The Law of Attraction.”

Let me start my saying I believe in the laws of attraction and I believe in asking clearly for what you want. I've been an entrepreneur for 5 years. On December 14th I had the excited pleasure of attending the vision board workshop you hosted!  It was my very 1st vision board ever!  During the introductions I announced to your guests that I launched my own business and would be going public in January.    My vision board was created based on my new endeavors.  I am TRULY OVER JOYED to let you know that on Monday January 5th ( not even 30 days later) @ 11:09 am I received a phone call from an organization hat I have supported since August 2014, letting me know they WANT ME ON THEIR TEAM!  The better news is THEY CAN AFFORD ME TOO!


 — D.B.


“Cincinnati Music Festival overall outstanding”

My satisfaction with TrueJoy Travel in regards to the Cincinnati  Music Festival in July.  Yonna Banks, our travel event planner did an overall outstanding job. She was very informative and organized.  The accommodations were nice and the seating was great.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely and look forward to booking with her again. Its the WHOLE XPERIENCE.

— K.L.